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TA Contract Explanation Questions and Answers

17 Apr, 2020

Contract Explanation Questions and Answers

1.Why no pension increase for people hired between 2007-2009?


 A:Anyone hired prior to 2009 will receive a yearly 1% pension increase

2.If I am a 2015 new hire where do I fall? 2009? 2012? 2016?


 A: You fall into the contract you hired into for example a 2015 hire was hired under the 2012 contract

3.Will CWA be publicly endorsing political candidates?


A: Yes CWA publishes a voting guide closer to election times with candidate endorsements and recommendations.

4.What are the percentages for the pay increases yearly?


A:2020-3%,  2021-3%,  2022-2.25%,  2023-2.5%

5.Where can I find out about the details of the tentative agreement?

    A: We have posted a link on the Groupme chat groups, also has a link to the details of the agreement.

6.What is the wellness program?

    The Your Health Matters and Your Money matters programs include Wellbeing resources, Programs and Tools as well as other access to online portals and applications with a variety of tools and resources to help members manage their health, wealth, and well being.

7.If our spouse has everything except dental coverage through their work can we just add them to our dental plan? And if so do we still need to pay $100 per month?

A: the surcharge is only for the medical not the dental or vision.

8.Are the Terms that were recently let go able to put in for the AUTS positions?


A: Yes

9.If we have a Kaiser family and my wife has access to medical coverage from her work but isn’t enrolled in her work coverage, would I still have to pay the additional 100-115 dollars a month?


A: Yes

10.Were there any improvements/changes to Horizons or tuition aid?


A: Funding will be based on Headcount on Jan 1st for each year of the agreement. Currently, the calculation results in $2153

11. What is a Nano degree?


A: Specialized technical skill degrees, for example, those offered through Udacity

12. Any word on 5G deployment and was it part of bargaining?


A: No agreements were reached in bargaining regarding 5G

13. Is D9 involved with the D6 lawsuit over the federal tax cut and loss of jobs at ATT?


A: Not at this time but any outcome of that lawsuit would benefit us also

14. Does the $100 surcharge for your spouse start at the signing or at open enrollment?


A: Jan 1, 2021

15. What is the goal behind having the OT list turned in by management?


A: To ensure that overtime is distributed equitably

16. Is our raise retro to April 5 2020?


A: If the TA is ratified by June 1 Yes

17. Why not a 5 year contract?


 A: The bargaining team tried but the company was unwilling

18. Was Article 2 for prem techs discussed during bargaining?


 A: The company was unwilling to apply Article 2 to Appendix E

19.  What is the plan for the ratification vote?

       A: Ballots mailed out April 27, 2020

           Ballots due May 15, 2020

           Retrieve ballots from the P.O. box May 19, 2020

           Count ballots May 19, 2020

20. Any changes to Appendix E overtime rules?


A: The company must provide a monthly accumulative list of Overtime hours worked to the Local President at the first of each month.

21. When will the 100 jobs be posted in AUTS?


A: Throughout the life of the contract.

22. Why is there an increase in old pensions but none to BCB2?


A: The Company was unwilling to add a yearly % increase to the BCB2 because they claim the increases are built into the plan already.

23. Are there any changes to Article 2?


A: No

24. Currently ATT charges you a $150 surcharge for adding a dependent. Is the extra contribution of $100-$115 a year on top of the old $150 surcharge or is it replacing it?

A: The new surcharge is the only surcharge