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AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #2 February 25, 2020

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #2 February 25, 2020February 25, 2020

AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #2

February 25, 2020

Today, February 25th the Bargaining Team met with AT&T to exchange the first round of proposals. The Union’s Chief Bargainer advised in opening remarks the following: our desire is to reach a tentative agreement on-time; we are here to represent our Members; the company needs to consider the Union’s proposals seriously; and the proposals presented throughout this process are based on the Members’ responses to our bargaining survey. The team advised AT&T (Day 1 and 2) we plan to address employment security, wages, protecting benefits, healthcare coverage, and working conditions. The team submitted several proposals to AT&T’s team. The Company requested a recess to review the Union’s proposals after several clarifying questions.


In Solidarity,

District 9 Bargaining Team

Domonique Thomas, Assistant to the Vice President District 9

Lynn Johnson, Chief Bargainer District 9

Art Gonzalez, CWA Local 9511

Jason Hall, CWA Local 9423

John Miller, CWA Local 9421

Lou Mondragon, CWA Local 9416