Oppose The Fast Track And The TPP- Its NAFTA On Steroids!


Oppose Fast Track and the TPP



Corporate lobbyists have been hard at work for the past three years, working with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative a massive, “free trade” deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). They are making huge decisions about jobs and workers’ rights, environmental standards, food safety, patents and intellectual property rights and so much more, and all in secret.Now they want Congress to take their word that the agreement benefits all Americans by approving the bill using a “fast track” procedure. Under fast track, the bill must be approved on an accelerated schedule by a yes or no vote with no opportunity for amendments that could make the trade bill better for American workers. Negotiators want Congress to vote on fast track authorization before most members of Congress have had a chance to read the bill.Stopping fast track is the only real way to change the Trans-Pacific Partnership.Tell your members of Congress to stand against “Fast Track” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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