Mobility Force Adjustment (SSR and Finance Rep) Q&A


FAQ’s for Force Adjustment – AT&T Mobility Bargained Employees in the Mobility Orange Labor Agreement (CWA Districts 1, 2-13, 4, 7, and 9)


  1. Will we be reimbursed for any unused vacation and EWP days if we terminate?

A     You will be paid out any remaining unused time provided under your applicable Labor Agreement in accordance with your applicable Labor Agreement and/or state law.

  1. If we take another job within the company, will we be required to stay in that position for a year before we can transfer to another job within the company?

A     Under normal conditions, time in title of one year does apply unless otherwise specified in your applicable Labor Agreement.


  1. If I apply for another job, but am not offered the position, am I eligible for the severance package?

A     If you are leaving the payroll as the result of a force adjustment and are not offered another position, you will be eligible for the severance package under your applicable Labor Agreement.


  1. If I voluntarily terminate employment during the notification period, am I still eligible for severance?

A     No. Employees who voluntarily resign prior to the specified separation date will NOT be eligible for severance.


  1. When will employees receive their severance payout amount?

A     The severance payout will be made after the notification period ends and the employee is severed from payroll. This payment will generally be made approximately 2-4 weeks after termination unless otherwise mandated by law.


  1. How is severance pay calculated?

A     Severance pay is based on your length of service and is specifically addressed in your applicable Labor Agreement.  Please refer to your Labor Agreement for the actual amount of payment and calculations.


  1. If I accept a position and stay with the company, will I still be eligible for severance?

A     No. It is only available for employees who are affected by a force adjustment  and are actually laid off from the Company.


  1. Will the severance be a lump sum?

A     Yes.


  1. Will the severance pay be taxed as normal income?

A     Yes, taxes will be withheld to the extent required by law.

10. Will the severance payout be subject to 401k withholdings?

A     No.


11. Will employees be given outplacement services?

A     No.

12. After an employee receives his/her notification, where should they direct their 401(k) and/or pension questions?

A     Employees should contact Fidelity at 1-800-416-2363.


13. How long will an employee have medical coverage after being laid off?

A     Currently, benefit coverage will continue through the end of the month in which the employee is severed from the payroll.


14. When will employees receive COBRA information and how long do employees have to apply for COBRA?

A     Employees can expect to receive a COBRA application two (2) weeks after their severance date. Employees have 60 days from the date that their coverage ends to enroll in COBRA.


15. How much will COBRA cost?

A     This depends on what insurance the employee has and what level of coverage they need. Employees can get specific rates from the Benefit Center at 877-722-0020


16. How can employees contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

A     Employees may call 1-800-554-6701.


17. How will tuition reimbursement be handled if schedules overlap with an employees’ severance date?

A     Employees who are already scheduled to receive tuition reimbursement after successfully completing the course prior to being notified they will be impacted by a force adjustment will still be eligible for reimbursement. Employees that are notified they will be impacted by a force adjustment are not eligible to enroll in any new or additional courses and receive reimbursement through the tuition aid program.


18. If I am severed from AT&T, am I eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

A     The state determines an employee’s eligibility for unemployment benefits; however, the company will not contest your claim for benefits.

19. Will prior service time be bridged if I am re-employed with the Company at a later date?

A     Currently, if an AT&T Mobility bargained employee leaves as a result of a layoff or involuntary reduction in force, is gone less than 24 months, and then is rehired into a position covered by the Mobility Bargained Pension Program, the employee is given an immediate bridge of service. The period of absence is not adjusted from NCS. If the absence is more than 24 months, then the employee must be re-employed for 5 years before his/her prior service is recognized and the NCS is adjusted for the break in service. Different rules may apply if the employee is rehired into a position covered by another pension program.


20. What happens to any employee discounts I may currently have?

A     On HROneStop, select the link for “Employee Discounts & Offers>Discount Program Checklist for Exiting Employees>Non-Management Employee Discount Program Checklist or you can access via this link:

21. What happens to my EMO line?

A     You will need to convert your EMO line to a customer rate plan.


22. How can I view open jobs within AT&T?

A    On HROneStop, select the “Your Career” link. From this screen, you can then review openings throughout the company and access many different links for Career information.  Mobility non–management employees will be presented with an opportunity to self-disclose their surplus status during the profile process.

23. If I am severed, can I continue to look for other jobs within AT&T?


A     Yes.  You may apply for open positions within your bargaining unit while you remain eligible by accessing the “Mobility CWA Districts 1, 2-13, 4, 7, and 9 (Orange) Laid Off Employee Career Section” at the following link:  You may also apply for openings in other areas of AT&T at

24. If I am actually laid off and able to later secure another position at AT&T, do I have to pay back my severance amount?

A     No.

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