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AT&T Premise Technician Dies after a long day at work- She was only 19 years old

  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Brittney (Byford) Russell (19), a Union sister in Dallas, TX Local 6215. She was involved in a fatal car accident on Monday driving home from work after 1am. It was her first day in the field as a U-Verse Wire Technician. We will post more information as it comes.   The message below was published from the Vice President out of District 6. "Last week the Premise Technician in the picture below,

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Membership Meeting- March 19th 2014

A lot of issues to discuss: -Pass the budget -Required Overtime -SDA and NIBS updates -Health and Safety -Premise Technician issues and much more....  

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“Required Overtime” Q&A

Hello, Some yards have been advised that they are on "Required Overtime" here are some questions and answers to assist you in your tailgates?   Do we need a 48 hour notice before requiring overtime? answer: NO- The company is required to announce the overtime by 10 am the day before. What are the 4 months that were selected for the Overtime Cap  of 12-Hour months? (MOA 13-06) Full Language Click Here answer:Network OPS- Betsey Farrell- Dec./Jan./Feb./March/ 

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