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Premise Technician Bargaining Facts to Consider
Local 9511 Recommendation is a YES VOTE!

  Your Executive Bard Unanimously Recommend A YES Vote on the Tentative Agreement.      

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April 5, 2013: Last day to vote on ratification

AT&T Mobility April 5, 2013: Last day to vote on ratification Mobility members: Ratification voting on the Mobility "Orange" contract will close in 48 hours - on Friday, April 5 at 12:59 p.m. (EDT). If you haven’t yet voted, now is the time to make your voice heard. All workers covered by the “Orange” contract should have received balloting information at the mailing address they have on file with their local. If you did not receive your

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AT&T West Core Wireline Contract Explanation Meetings- April 9th and April 11th

  CWA MEMBERS REGARDING THE AT&T CORE (WIRELINE) TENTATIVE AGREEMENT REACHED ON APRIL 1, 2013 April 2, 2013 CWA urges all members to get the facts about the new tentative agreement (TA) before making a decision. Please, do not let rumors, misinformation, speculation or untruths cloud your judgment! We would ask that you reserve your opinions until AFTER you have seen and read the FULL version of the new TA (this will be provided to all members)

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CWA @ AT&T West Wireline- Have Reached a Tentative Agreement!!!

April 1, 2013 CHANGES TO THE PREVIOUS T.A. • 4 year agreement • Wages: 2.25% back to 10-1-12, 2.75% on Ratification Date, 3.0% April 2014 and 2.50% April 2015. The Premises Technicians receive $1.14 to all steps of the wage schedule as of 10-1-12 and then have 2.25% applied. • Retro from 10-1-12 for all hours worked. • Pensions: The defined plan will have a 1% increase for all four years. • Medical cost share is the same for the first three

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CWA d-9 AT&T Core Wireline Bargaining Bulletin #118

March 31st., 2013 The committee met with the company all day on Saturday late into evening.  We continued to meet on Easter Sunday. We are making progress. We hope that the talks today continue to bring us closer to an agreement.

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