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District 6 Denied Core Contract

The Company has put out that District 6 did not ratify the AT&T Core Contract

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Mobility Healthcare MOA- read more….
Verizon Bargaining Begins Today!!

  Jan 28, 2013 Negotiations covering about 5,000 workers at Verizon West, members of Communications Workers of America, begin today, January 28.  The current contract expires on March 9.  Ellen West, CWA District 9 Administrative Director, will open negotiations.  The negotiations cover Verizon workers in California. In a constantly changing industry, Verizon is a very successful and profitable company.  CWA believes that Verizon has a responsibility

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Mobility Bargaining Report #6

CWA-AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #6 The Union spent the day reviewing all relevant data that has been provided by the Company to date and formulating new proposals that will be presented in future meetings. No formal discussions took place today. For those of you that took part in the first Town Hall Call yesterday, here are the results of the two (2) polls that were conducted on that call: Question #1 – Where at Mobility do you work? Of

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Mobility Mobilization Kicks Off Across the Country!!!!
Mobility Bargaining Report #5

Mobility Bargaining Report #5 Jan 26, 2013 Bargaining resumed today with a short meeting with the Company. The Company had no answers to any of the proposals that have been passed to date nor did they have any new proposals. The Union passed a new Letter of Agreement proposing language on Electronic Monitoring along with a proposal on Letter of Agreement 12-Job Satisfaction. Both of these proposals address improvements and protections surrounding

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Mobility Bargaining Report #4

CWA-AT&T MOBILITY BARGAINING REPORT #4 The Company and Union met again today for a brief time. There were no new proposals passed today; however, the Company did provide the relevant data that had been requested by the Union. During our short meeting, the Company did reject the Union’s proposal on Article 26-Waiver of Further Bargaining. The intent of the language proposed by the Union is that any article, policy or other terms of conditions

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Mobility Bargaining Report #3

Over the past few days, the Company and the Union continue to meet. The following Articles were passed by the Union: Article 14-Force Adjustment; Article 20-Travel; Article 23-Holidays; Article 24-Excused Work Days with Pay; and Article 26-Waiver of Further Bargaining, just to name a few. Click here to read the full Report. Reminder: The first Town Hall Conference call will be held this Sunday, January 27 at 8pm ET.  You can sign up and register

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Mobility Town Hall Call January 27th
Mobility Bargaining Report #2

  Jan 23, 2013 Bargaining resumed today with the Company and Union asking clarifying questions on the proposals that were passed yesterday. The Company presented yet another retrogressive proposal on Pensions, and a proposal on Article 22; Vacation outlining a change from “entitled” vacation to “earned” vacation. The Union proposed changes to improve Article 16; Safety and Article 18; Union Activities specific to establishing an electronic

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